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Season 3, Episode 15January 15, 2013Aria, Emily and Spencer think Mona has regressed to her old bad behavior, but they have no proof, and Hanna has doubts about their claim.Meanwhile, Aria's suspicions about her dad intensify when something important vanishes from her room.Singapore’s math instruction focuses heavily on mastery over rote memorization.Math students on the small island nation perform well because they understand the material deeply—not because they are studying for a specific test.

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Meanwhile, Aria considers sharing details about her dad's dating life with her mom; Spencer seeks answers about Melissa; and Emily meets Maya's cousin.

Students digest the subject in stages, from the concrete to the pictorial and eventually to the abstract. students have made strides in math proficiency in recent years, but they still lag behind many of their peers internationally, falling at the middle of the pack in global rankings.