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What you don't see are any momentos of what it took to reach her goal of starting a family."You know, you don't even think about a timeline for that.You think it's going to happen on the first try," she said. Two years later, they felt ready to start their family. One year."Then I started not saying anything anymore," said Carly.He is a great support system and motivator in my life.The 29-year-old revealed on her social media accounts this week that she is expecting her first child with husband Mark Caldwell, after admitting that the couple spent 'quite some time' struggling conceive their 'miracle' baby."This might sound cliché, but after two weeks of dating Mark I knew he was a completely different from any other guy I've ever met," Patterson said.Carly is best known for winning the gold medal in Athens (much to the chagrin of Svetlana Khorkina). Patterson, 24, wed Mark Caldwell, 27, in a large ceremony at the Main Street Garden Park in Dallas, Texas.

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Guests at the reception tucked into a delicious feast of panko crusted fried macaroni & cheese balls with white truffle sauce, chicken and waffles with a bourbon maple sauce, and crab meat and cream cheese wontons.

She trained at World Olympic Gymnastics Academy, the same gym as 2008 Beijing Champion Nastia Liukin and National Champion and World Medalist, Rebecca Bross.

She trained under former soviet acrobat, Evgeny Marchenko.

Carly said of the special day: ‘Mark and I had the most incredible night of our lives celebrating with all of our close friends and family.

We are so excited to start this journey together and so blessed to have found each other.’‘Mark is handsome, loving and he makes me laugh.

' the loudest I could, and he was in a meeting, so all of his coworkers heard, and he's like ' Hold on, let me just walk out for a second!