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The album reached number two on Billboard's 200 list, becoming the first album since 'Graffiti' to not reach the top spot.The album did, however, receive far more favourable reviews, with generally more positive critical response.Chris Brown (born Christopher Maurice Brown ) is an American rapper known for his Grammy Award-winning 2011 album 'F. Brown's parents were fans of Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson, leading to inspiration for their son.

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Brown took two years to record 'X', his sixth studio album, which was released on 16th September 2014. Net worth: According to Celebrity Net Worth in 2014, Chris Brown has a net worth of 30 million USD.Brown began dancing when he was two years old, and at a young age he aspired for a career as a rapper.I want the best for everybody, and I want peace in everybody's life, and that's the ultimate goal. And I'm glad to be a part of it." You can read the rest of the revealing interview HERE.

And I really just encourage the father-daughter relationship for both my children. I just think a lot of people think I'm just trying to take a child away from her father, that's never been the case. That's not the case and never will be the case, no matter what. Something tells us DRAGGING each other on Instagram isn't the best way to find peace, but we digress.

Personal Life: Chris Brown met Rihanna in 2005, and the couple began dating in 2008.

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