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21-Apr-2016 13:13

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But at the same time, getting down over the phone or Skype gives us a different perspective.It means that by necessity, we’re being vocal about what’s turning us on, and if we’re including visuals, that gives us information about each other’s fantasies.We also try new things — some things I’ve never considered doing in previous relationships.But with him, nothing he could ask for would scare me away, and vice versa.Welcome to the future, where you can face search for a live sex webcam performer and be served real-life humans to your telescreen who vaguely resemble the object of your desire within, well, hours depending on how busy the site’s servers are.

And everything comes together – all of the tension, planning, and anticipation means we’re on fire, but it’s combined with an incredible amount of intimacy and marvel.

For most couples, simple, daily activities like breakfast, laundry, and Netflix are givens.

For us, those are the parts of a relationship we crave — simple interactions that create normalcy. That means that when we’re together, putting sheets on the bed is an event. And we’ve found that sex works similarly in our relationship.

My boyfriend and I live a two hour plane ride apart, and we only see each other every two to three weeks.

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It’s my first serious attempt at a long-distance relationship, and many aspects of it can be extraordinarily difficult.Sometimes, witnessing your partner do their thing themselves can be just as sexy as actually being together physically, and you can learn a lot about how to better pleasure each other in the future.

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