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27-Mar-2016 10:54

The doctor had us (staff and spouses) over to a casual dinner at his home.

During this dinner, I was in the dining room with the boss’s wife and several of my coworkers, including one I’ll call Jane, who is a young woman in her early 20s.

Boss’s wife then redirected the conversation to a different topic and we all followed suit, but she was noticeably chilly towards Jane the rest of the evening.

Later on, boss’s wife said quietly to me, “It is a good thing I don’t work in the office, because Jane is not winning any points with me.” I could tell she was still steamed.

In the past, searching for a new job was a long and tedious process.

Scrutinizing newspaper listings, examining trade publications, even calling a company's HR department were all steps that a serious job hunter needed to take. As millions of people have already found, the internet provides a way for employers and job hunters to find each other in cyberspace.

As she swiped, she pulled up a young man who was of Chinese descent and said, “I’d never go out with him.

He’s a f****** (racial slur).”Boss’s wife instantly turned frosty and said firmly and directly, “I’m sorry, but that kind of language is completely unacceptable in my house. We don’t talk like that about people under my roof.” Jane seemed kind of taken aback and mumbled what seemed to me a half-hearted apology.

He doesn’t need to address the office generally about racist slurs because the office as a whole isn’t the problem.Should I urge the doctor to address the office generally about inappropriate racial slurs and remind entire office that it’s not acceptable?

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EKAER Nummer und EKAER Kennzeichen Elektronisches Straßen-Transport Kontrollsystem – EKAER – auf diesen Namen wird die Vorschrift bekannt, die in Ungarn ab 1.… continue reading »

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Dating tries to answer the question, In a dating relationship, there is little if any accountability for the couple and little or no interaction with family members.… continue reading »

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