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Lombardi served as offensive line coach under legendary head coach Earl "Colonel Red" Blaik."As integral as religion was to [Lombardi's] sense of self, it was not until he reached West Point and combined his spiritual discipline with Blaik's military discipline that his coaching persona began to take its mature form." Lombardi coached at West Point for five seasons, with varying results. But the 19 seasons were not successful due to the aftermath of a cadet cribbing scandal (a violation of the Cadet Honor Code After the seasons of 19 not much was expected from the 1953 team as it had also lost six players due to academic failure.Although he did not fail any classes, he believed his grades were so poor that he dropped out after one semester.He was offered the position by the school's new head coach, Lombardi's former Fordham teammate, quarterback Andy Palau.

Every Packers home game—preseason, regular season and playoffs—has been sold out ever since.The team of 1953 however did go on to be 7–1–1, as Lombardi had a bigger role than ever in coaching the team.Following these five seasons at Army, Lombardi accepted an assistant coaching position with the New York Giants.He never had a losing season as a head coach in the NFL, compiling a regular season winning percentage of 72.8% (96–34–6), and 90% (9–1) in the postseason for an overall record of 105 wins, 35 losses, and 6 ties in the NFL.

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in the Bronx to play for the Fordham Rams and Coach Jim Crowley, who was one of the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame in the 1920s.The 1959 Packers were an immediate improvement, finishing at 7–5.