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Today online games which allow you to raise show dogs or sim horse games are also quite popular.

Some artificial life games allow players to manage a population of creatures over several generations, and try to achieve goals for the population as a whole.

Artificial life games are related to computer science research in artificial life.

But "because they're intended for entertainment rather than research, commercial A-life games implement only a subset of what A-life research investigates." This broad genre includes god games which focus on managing tribal worshipers, as well as artificial pets that focus on one or several animals.

As titans like HTC and Oculus get ready to make huge holiday pushes to get their headsets into your home, these are the games you should be looking to buy or try before making your decision.

We expect even bigger things to come to Bigscreen - they just added customizable avatars - but it is must have software for anyone with a VR headset, gamers and non-gamers alike. LUCKY' S TALEThe Rift-exclusive platformer isn't just a great, well-rounded, full-blown game that could give Mario 64 a run for its money, it's the showcase of Oculus' mascot, whether they realize it or not.