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The Swedish company unveiled their brand-new HEX condoms, which, for the first time, have a structure inspired by graphene.They claim it’s “the world’s strongest and thinnest material.” The condoms are still made of latex, like the Trojans or Life Styles you’re familiar with. Each condom has a honeycomb-like lattice, or a hexagonal-shaped web, which, according to Lelo, is engineered to “address the three core issues that people have with condoms: they reduce pleasure, they slip too easily and break too frequently.” That’s right, the HEX’s graphene structure promises to be stronger (graphene is basically impermeable to everything but water), fit tighter and feel better than any other latex condom.You can buy 12 in a stylish designed package for €19,90. In less than 4 days we were able to select 15 top reviewers out of 56 subscribers (and got to know them unusually well).15 authentic online reviews about LELO HEX It usually takes about a week to get a good impression of a product and to write a solid review about it.I like them very much and will definitely keep using them in the future.Average word count increased by 2100% This is not a typo.The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise, as innovation in the condom industry has stalled over the past few years.

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It's small, relatively quick and pretty fun strategic board game. Tokens can be offensive and have initiative (act first during battle), attack type (melee, hits adjacent; ranged hits first in first in line); can be buff-buildings that grant buffs to connected units, or can be special tokens that e.g. If you hover cursor over token in your/enemy hand, you can see descriptions. Download client from here (it's in java, better have it updated) 2. Group A (206 people) converted into 13 buyers, whereas group B converted into 5 buyers.

Put the second half of the deck on top and get someone unaware to cut the deck.… continue reading »

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